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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer is Here and Grilling is ON!!

Father's Day may be over but the grilling season has just begun!  This season add colorful vegetables and even fruits to your barbecue to add taste and added nutrition to your meals.  If you are going to grill red meats and poultry, use marinades or spice rubs.  Marinating has been shown to reduce cancerous compound formations by over 90%.  Find out the scoop at below for additional tips and recipes.

For your desserts, consider using grilled fruit.  It is a healthy and delicious alternative to baked goods and so easy to do.  Most fruits can cook in less than 15 minutes.  When grilling fruit, the natural sugars are extracted to the surface and caramelize, lending a richness that often produces its own syrup.  Try using a liqueur (like grand marnier or brandy) or juice and light butter combination for added crispiness and texture.

Grilled Mixed Fruit (Serves 6)

2 ripe bananas
2 ripe peaches
1-pound container of strawberries
3 tbsp light butter or margarine
Tablespoon of sugar

Peel the bananas. Rinse the peaches and strawberries; pat dry. Slice the peaches into quarters (make sure they are big enough to put straight on the grill). Cut off tops of the strawberries.
Place the strawberries on aluminum foil. Sprinkle with sugar and wrap. Put some butter on each banana and on each peach slice.
Place all of the fruit on the grill. Monitor the fire. If the flames get too high, place cover on the grill. Cook until there are visible grill marks or black crisps. Depending on the heat, do not cook longer than 15 minutes.
Bananas take the least amount of time and are usually done in about 10 minutes. Strawberries take the longest. Remove fruit as soon as it's done. Cover until ready to serve.

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