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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Keeping up with your New Years Health Resolutions

More people plan to make changes in their health in January than any other month of the year.  It is now mid-January, so we are asking you the question, “How are you doing in reaching your health and nutrition goals thus far this 2014?”  If you are realizing while reading this message that you need to stay focused, then start making yourself accountable.   Nothing is better than writing out your goals.  It is one thing to know in your head what you would like to achieve, but writing them down on paper can make your goals come alive. 

What would you like to change? 
How will you go about making the changes?  
In what way will your life be better by implementing these changes? 
Plan to become accountable for your actions!  How often do you have to check-in with yourself?  Is it daily, weekly, monthly? 

Do not plan to fail!  Stay positive and remember that every meal is a new opportunity to eat well, and each day is a new day to live a healthier lifestyle! 

HBN <3

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